How to submit your research data

You will need three basic things; (1) your data in a single zipped file, (2) metadata about your data, and (3) a Readme file (in pdf format). These three things are all *required* for dataset submissions.

Just want to get a DOI for your own hosted data? Follow a simpler process to Mint a DOI here.

Step 1

Review the criteria for depositing data to the UW Data Repository. Your data should fall with our Data Collection Policy criteria. If it does not, or you're not sure, contact us!

Step 2

Review our Data Documentation guidelines. Create a Readme file (in pdf format,), and have required metadata ready (title, authors, abstract, etc).

*The Readme file must be in pdf format. Never written a Readme file before? Look at this Readme template.

Step 3

Prepare your dataset(s) for submission.

Option A

As noted on the Data Documentation page, all data must be in a single .zip format. If your data are already in petaLibrary Commons storage (likely working with Dylan), we can simply move it on our end after you send us your readme and file information to digcol at

Option B

Again, all data must be in a single .zip file for publication submission. If your data is not in the petaLibrary and it is small enough to share over e-mail, e-mail it to digcol at Otherwise, contact us and we can figure out a file-sharing method - including your readme.pdf as early as possible will help this process.

After submission

We may have follow-up questions for you and in that case, we will contact you.

Within 48 hours, you will receive from us a notification of your dataset's availability within the repository as well as your DOI to use as you see fit (e.g. send to a publisher, or use on your CV).